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Intro Post

Hey, while I'm here, might as well post one!

1.Name: Emily
2.School: Rowan University
3.Year: Alumni (wooooooooo!)
4.Major or field of study: English/K-12 Subject Matter Education
5.How did you know you wanted to be a teacher? I figured it out I think when I was in 7th or 8th grade. My teachers had a strong influence as well, and my Language Arts teacher was so wonderful. I wanted to be like her. High school definitely helped sway my decision toward becoming an English teacher because reading and the whole subject in general was so exhilarating for me. :3
6.In three words, how would you describe your teaching style? ballsy, tough, respectful
7.What is your best teacher quality? I really pushed my 6th graders during student teaching. I did activities with them that even my cooperating teacher didn't think was possible.
8.Any tips? I think what my one education professor said once is the best advice I can offer: "Students rise to your lowered expectations."
9.Why did you join this group? I think it would be fun to connect to teachers and teacher candidates. I like to talk about my teaching experiences, and it would be nice to discuss it with people who would actually know what I'm talking about! XD

Intro Post

Hi there! Since there's only one other intro, and I've been here a bit...I had better introduce myself!

1.Name: Brii
2.School: Red Mountain High School
3.Year: Senior
4.Major or field of study: -blank- Sorry, I really don't have one at this point
5.How did you know you wanted to be a teacher? Well, I started tutoring one of the kids I babysat, and then tutoring at school, and so I took two teaching classes at school. Right now though, I'm juggling career ideas and teaching is one of them.
6.In three words, how would you describe your teaching style? Creative, hands-on, interactive
7.What is your best teacher quality? I can get down to the kids' levels (since I worked with kindergarteners last year) and understand them and communicate with them...better than their actual teachers!
8.Any tips? Listen to any children you teach. It's amazing what they have to say
9.Why did you join this group? I wanted to hear stories from other student teachers, and see what swayed them if they were on the edge of teaching and something else...and just get ideas, y'know?


I hope that you will join my new group. As a student teacher, I often find I have a million and one frustrations or questions and no place to put them. I thought - there has to be others out there feeling this way. Often times, I feel that I lead a double life between being a college student and being a teacher. For anyone feeling this way - this group is for you. Here you can feel free to open up about how difficult it is to juggle these two entirely different ends of the spectrum and at the same time trying to fulfill class requirements while compromising with your supervising teachers and what's required in "the real world". This group is intended to have student teachers share and learn from others (including the professionals) so please join if you have any type of input or advice for those of us entering this field. Invite others to join as well!

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